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Kilgore Fuller Center

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Building Homes. Building Community. Building Kilgore.

The Fuller Center for Housing is a nonprofit organization that is focused on providing affordable and decent housing to families in need. Founded by Millard Fuller, the same person who founded Habitat for Humanity, the organization is committed to building and renovating homes for low-income families, senior citizens, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

The Fuller Center for Housing operates on the principle of “partnership housing,” where the families receiving assistance are required to help with the construction or renovation of their homes. This approach helps to promote a sense of community and self-reliance among the families, and it also helps to reduce the cost of building the homes.

In addition to building and renovating homes, the Fuller Center for Housing also works on community development projects and disaster relief efforts. They believe that safe and affordable housing is a basic human right, and their work is aimed at helping to provide this right to as many people as possible.

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